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What my clients have to say

As an on demand CFO in Dallas, I’ve succeeded in helping my clients achieve big changes due to my extensive experience in diverse industries. Over the years I’ve provided companies with personalized attention and expert advice through some of their most complex challenges. See what these people have to say, and get in touch with me today.


I really enjoyed working with Steve at Critical Information Network.  He has a real talent for creating business strategies, problem solving, and process improvement.  He is a thoughtful leader who understand the details of daily activities, but also maintains a clear vision of the big picture.  I appreciated the fact that Steve knows what he needs, trusts his employees to complete their assignments, and is always available if you need further clarification.

Darcy Schedler

Critical Information Network


It is a pleasure to recommend Steve Thomas, who served as the Chief Financial Officer and Controller for Business Jet Solutions (now Flexjet).  As the President/CEO, Steve reported directly to me, but he also had very important reporting responsibilities to the two joint venture partners: American Airlines and Bombardier Aerospace.


Steve is very flexible, hard-working and talented.  He is a self-starter, who is quick to determine what needs to be done.  In this fast-growing company, there were many projects that he accomplished quickly and effectively.  His interpersonal skills and team player attitude were invaluable in working with all the different department managers.


Business Jet Solutions had two divergent cultures and Steve was highly respected by both,  American Airlines and Bombardier.  He distinguished himself by establishing reliability in our financial statements, developing an executive summary with the key drivers, negotiating new agreements, and analyzing aircraft maintenance costs.  Both partners considered him a stand-up guy during some very difficult times for the joint venture.

Dale Niederhauser

Business Jet Solutions (now Flexjet)


I write in support of Steve Thomas, who worked for Levantina USA.  I knew Steve in my capacity as Chief Financial Officer at Levantina y Asociados de Minerales S.A. in Spain.  Steve reported directly to me and he worked very closely with the accounting and finance team here in Spain.


Steve is a very versatile and experienced professional and at Levantina USA, he started as a project consultant and with the rapid and solid turnaround introduced by him, he was clearly recommended to hire as the Chief Financial Officer.


Steve distinguished himself by resolving our financial statement audit issues with our external auditors, greatly improving our accounting function in the U.S., and developing the managerial reports to the parent company in Spain.  Steve is very capable and has good analytical and communication skills.


It is truly unfortunate that Steve was a victim of the down economy, as his position was eliminated.  He is truly missed, and we sincerely hope he is soon able to bring his experience, versatility, and positive attitude to a new company.  We are certain that Steve will continue to be a success.

Francisco Cuadra Lafuente

Levantina y Asociados de Minerales S.A.


Steve assisted with several different projects including a valuation of several global entities and transfer pricing.  He worked with several different advisors to make sure we were in compliance with applicable standards and regulations.  He showed high attention to detail which I appreciated given we were working with large and complex models, all while ensuring deadlines were met.  Highly recommend.

Matthew Riter, CPA

Nerium International


It is my pleasure to personally recommend Steve Thomas.  Steve was a contractor who worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for over two years.  At the time, I was a senior auditor for PwC, and Steve and I worked together on many issues for an audit engagement of a large manufacturer.


Steve was highly respected by his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone at any time and for his previous industry experience as a Chief Financial Officer.  His analytical skills and problem-solving abilities were very valuable to this audit engagement and his work on inventory matters, LIFO valuation, and intercompany profit elimination was exceptional.


Steve was initially hired for just a few months, but his intelligence, industry experience and leadership were very valuable to the audit team, and therefore the audit partner requested he continue on the engagement.  After two very difficult annual audits, the client company decided to use another accounting firm and PwC did not have any openings for Steve at that time.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve and I respect his strong work ethics, his ability to handle challenges during the audit, and his dedication to achieving the audit goals.  I highly recommend Steve and I know he will be successful in any organization. 

Matthew Riter, CPA

Nerium International

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